Bored Founders🧟 Zombies in Metaverse
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October 4, 2022 | Read Online

We’ve got a new month.It’s fall season already.

The weather is not so great anymore, days are getting shorter, and leaves become yellow, orange, and red. 🍂

Autumn is also known as a spooky season. If you’re a fan of the Zombies, we’ve got something special for you today.

The web3 world is a place for everyone, even fans of horror movies.

Besides that, we prepared some other pieces of news and memes.



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🧟 Zombies in Metaverse

📈 Web3 Express News

😎 BFC Corner - Recover private keys from a hardware wallet

This is extraordinary news for all AMC The Walking Dead fans and lovers of undead creatures. It's on time cause Halloween is gettin’ closer.

Do you remember Orange Comet? We wrote about that web3 studio on the occasion of Sir Anthony Hopkins's The Eternal Collection. They created a metaverse and collections in cooperation with entertainment company AMC Networks.

I don't know your favorite AMC show, but mine is undoubtedly the Walking Dead. Over the years, the series repeats itself, but I like Atlanta in the zombie, post-apocalyptic version. There are prequels and connected series, but the main show is coming closer to the end. If you want to continue your Walking Dead experience, you can do it on web3.

The first two collections have been minted so far, and the third will be available tomorrow, the 5th of October. All of those are elements of The Walking Dead Lands.

The Walking Dead Lands is a post-apocalyptic open-world build-and-earn experience based on The Walking Dead universe. Build and upgrade your land, structures, and communities while earning rewards.

In the Roadmap, there are a lot of drops planned. The date of Metaverse delivery is not specified yet. Timelines are set to mid-2023, and there is no alpha version of it in scope.

The plans look huge, but for now, there are only NFT collections.

The first one is The Walking Dead Official, giving access to four upcoming mints.
The next one is The Walking Dead Lands - Degenerative Walkers, a collection of zombies. Once you mint the first creature, you will "spawn" 3 additional ones that follow the characteristics of the original one.

Future mint collection The Walking Dead Lands - Signature 3D Avatars starts on the 5th of October. This is the first batch of avatars, 3D hand-sculpted recreations of some of the TWD characters. In the first drop, there will be Michonne and her pets, Mercer, Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and others..

The project looks solid. This kind of long-term project, with collectibles and dose entertainment, is worth attention in the bear market. Personally, I will not buy any of these NFTs, but I will be watching their future.


  • Meta announced that everyone in the U.S. using its Facebook and Instagram platforms can now share their NFTs. It requires only a wallet connection, and you can share your digital collectibles. The rest of the world is still waiting for that feature… 😥

  • First real-world Nike’s RTFKT Studios sneakers look less impressive than its NFT counterpart. I’m curious if you like it or not. Feel free to reply to this mail. 📫

(BFC Corner)

I lost one of my Ledger devices back in 2018. A situation which might be the worst nightmare for many, teaches me how to recover my private keys without waiting for a new device.

Please DO NOT follow this advice with your own recovery phrase just to confirm your addresses. There is a reason Ledger and similar security focused companies advise to never input your recovery phrase into internet-connected devices. However, I encourage you to try to replicate my results on the zero-seed which is presented below.

  • This instruction should work for all Hardware wallets as it's based on Bitcoin's standards.
  • I've tested it on Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano S Plus devices.
  • You have installed a Ledger Live application on your computer and set up Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts on it.
  • You have backed up your wallet's recovery phrase.

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