Bored Founders🎫 What is Tokenomics?
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…and Serial Enterprenuer Anthony Di Iorio
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September 20, 2022 | Read Online
Gm! 👋

September, as we expected, wasn’t generous for the crypto world.

BTC is below $20k, and ETH is below $1.5k.

Is it something that we should get used to?

Dunno 😔

We’re testing the idea to speed up the end of the bear market.

Check the next meme 😃



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Today’s topics:

🎫 What is Tokenomics?

🤓 Web3 People - Anthony Di Iorio

📈 Web 3 Express News


Cryptocurrencies build the web3 world. All cryptocurrencies are a kind of token. Tokenomics is the area of understanding cryptocurrency's supply and demand characteristics.

There are more or less willingly bought currencies in a FIAT currencies world. They've also got different prices caused by supply and demand characteristics. All this is also influenced by the amount of money in circulation.

There are two critical terms connected with that: inflation and deflation. Inflation is when there is a growing amount of cash on the market. Deflation is when the number of money decreases. National banks are regulating the amount of money on the market.

The same rules are valid for all cryptocurrencies. One unit of digital currency is called a token. Tokens have multiple use cases, e.g., security, utility, and governance tokens. The number of cryptocurrencies is programmed in a smart contract. This is a difference between FIAT and cryptocurrencies. A smart contract can't be changed, so the number of crypto assets on the market can be predictable.

There will be only 21 million Bitcoin, and the last one will be minted in 2140. Because of that limited amount of BTC, it's treated as digital gold. After The Merge, the amount of ETH is planned to be lower in time. Every web3 project planning to release its own token must prepare tokenomics. It's important cause it'll impact to project future. Right tokenomics can raise the project to the sky, and wrong can bury it alive.

I will be happy if you remember that:
"Tokenomics is the topic of understanding the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrencies." (source)


One more Ethereum founder on our plate. We like that guy. He is a natural serial entrepreneur. His story impressed us a lot. He was known as a family computer guy in his early 20, but instead of a technical carrier, he preferred a manager and marketing one. Meet Anthony Di Iorio.

Who is Anthony Di Iorio?
  • Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, community organizer, and leader in the field of blockchain, decentralized technologies, and digital currencies.

  • He is Italian by origin.

  • Forbes estimated his net worth at $750 million–$1 billion in February 2018.

Anthony is a founder of more than 10 companies. He was his family's computer guy. He was creating websites in the early '90s. He comes from an enterprising family.

His family operated in multiple fields:
  • the construction industry,
  • window-door company,
  • guitar production,
  • curling equipment company.

Anthony studied business and got a degree in Marketing. He never wanted to be a software engineer. He learned a lot about business while working in a family-owned company, Sunview Patio Doors Ltd. He launched a geothermal drilling company.

He bought his first Bitcoin in 2012 for $9.73. Since then, he has worked in the crypto world and has created multiple businesses, including Kryptokit, Ethereum, Toronto Stock Exchange, Jaxx Liberty, and Decentral.

He intends to leave the crypto market due to "safety concerns."



  • Colorado is the first U.S. State to accept Bitcoins as a tax payment. Citizens can do that through PayPal for an additional fee. It doesn’t sound perfect, but it needs to start somewhere ;)

  • MicroStrategy bought 301 BTC in August and September so far. The company owns nearly 130k BTC. M. Saylor is no longer a CEO, but he is still one of the most important owners of MicroStrategy.
😎 No more news today.

We know how hard it is to be in web3 during the Bear Market.

All of us struggle, looking at BTC and ETH charts.

You need to be brave because sooner or later, the Bull Market will arrive.

The Bear Markets will give you a few things:
  • patience,
  • time,
  • experience.

If you use that time wisely, you will be rewarded!

Have a great weekend.

See you next week!

Daniel "tuszcz12" Anuszczyk


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