Bored Founders🎊 WebSummit 2022 experience…
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…and what we can expect on Twitter ⁉️
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November 8, 2022 | Read Online
😎 GM!

Good to see you here in a new week in web3.

The BFC is here to give you the best news from the crypto world.

We prepared some fresh information about events that took place last week and future ones also.

Last week the BFC core team was at the Web Summit 2022. They brought us some web3 energy and want to share it with all our subscribers. 🔋

We continue the Twitter topic. This is the hottest one since the Tornado Cash case.

We also have some recommendations for you if you desire more web3 events.

Obviously, we didn’t forget about the memes. There is always something interesting for all of you in the BFN.



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Today topics:

🎊 WebSummit 2022 experience

⁉️ What we can expect on Twitter

😎 BFC Corner - BFC recommended events


Last week BFC core team - Bogusz (CEO), Łukasz (CTO), and Grzegorz (CMO) went to the Web Summit 2022. We asked them for a quick update about the conference. I hope you will feel all that energy!

An enormous amount of people at one place that thinks like you (from official information, there were almost 72k attendees). It was a great occasion to talk with a lot of interesting people. I got a lot of inspiration from listening to big fishes from the crypto space. A visit to this year's web summit further cemented my belief that the BFC community is a world-class innovation.

WebSummit 2022 in Lisbon was a great experience.
And it was HUGE! (70k+ attendees).

The most interesting for us was, of course, sessions on the dedicated crypto scene. We spent two whole days there.

Web3, NFTs, crypto, and blockchains. Just the things that we love.

We've met founders, CEOs, builders, and creators. We made some great connections, talked a lot, and laughed a lot.

We participated in the presentations of people such as:

  • Devin Finzer, Co-founder & CEO OpenSea
  • Marieke Flament, CEO Near Foundation
  • Nicolas Cary, Co-founder & Vice Chairman
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO Aave
  • Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder Polygon
  • Michael Gronager, Co-founder & CEO Chainalysis
  • Charles Hoskinson, Founder Cardano
  • Kathleen Breitman, Co-founder Tezos
  • William Quigley, Co-founder & CEO WAX
  • Molly White, Creator Web3 Is Going Just Great
  • Leemon Baird, Co-founder Hedera
  • Alex Svanevik, CEO Nansen
  • Skirmantas Januškas, Co-founder and CEO DappRadar
  • Mitchell Amador, CEO Immunefi
  • Maggie Hsu, Partner Andreessen Horowitz

The speakers and attendees were overwhelmed with optimism about web3!

It was a real eye-opener. People LOVE web3 and truly believe that this is the future.

And last but not least, we met a few people eager to join the Bored Founders Club!

I hope we'll see you "on board". (get it?)

Let's F**** Go Global!


If you were reading the last two episodes of Bored Founders news, you're up to date on the current Twitter status.

There were a lot of changes in the last few days, and it's essential to ask the most important question.

What can we expect on Twitter after that Elon Musk revolution?

We know that Donald Trump will be back.

We know that a verified account will cost $8.

There will probably be more crypto and NFT support inside the application.

What else should we expect?

We asked BoFos some questions:

What do you think about freedom of speech on the platform?
What do you think about the $8 verified account?
What will be the new web3 features on Twitter?

Here are the answers:

At first glance, it seems like it's a great thing for freedom of speech, but I'm afraid that too less censorship is not as good as people think. I know that it is extremely hard to decide where the border should be, I'm not trying to do it now, honestly, no idea where to start, I just don't think that "no moderation at all" is a good approach for the long term.

The possibility of buying what was supposed to be a "verification mark" does not seem smart to me. I think we've already seen an example of an account banned because it was named "Elon Musk (real one)" and had a verification mark. It was funny, it was following the rules, but the account was banned - looking at all the freedom-of-speech talk, it looks like hypocrisy, don't you think? Elon should find a better business model for the platform.

Something NFT-related, that's for sure, but I won't guess what exactly!

Free speech is in the ideal state, that will be never reached. I think that powered by AI users will mess up a lot in this case.

I think that paying for verification will be a test field. I honestly don’t know how it will impact the platform, but I’m sure that it will be fun 😀

Musk is a supporter of crypto. I hope that he will do a lot to make web3 more popular. Probably he will earn much more on that, by making some speculation and posting some shocking statements on Twitter.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to think about it. Elon is talking a lot about "freedom of speech", but I don't think that Twitter had a problem with that in the past. I'm afraid that reducing the number of people responsible for content moderation (and maybe loosening the rules in general) will only increase the number of bots and trolls that post inappropriate content on the platform, which will result in worse experiences overall.

This is extremely bizarre to me. I'm not against the monetization of the platform, but calling someone "verified" only because they paid $8/m is weird. I personally think it shouldn't be called "verified" because it's misleading. I'm also not a fan of the rumored feature where content from people that are paying will be promoted.

Given Elon's affinity for $DOGE, I wouldn't be surprised to see a feature where you can "tip" people with $DOGE, natively on Twitter.

Who the f**k knows… it’s Elon, you can’t predict anything except another Doge pump sooner or later 😅


This time we’ve got two recommendations for you.

Our friends from Web3Devs are organizing a hackathon in Berlin at the end of the month. We also have a few BoFos engaged in the organization process, and some more will attend the event!

Grab the last free spots until they are still there! You can take part in the hackathon both onsite and online.
Below is more info, so you will be able to get the proper context!

HackOnChain is an official hackathon for the Next Block Expo, which is aiming to become the biggest blockchain festival in Europe (5k+ attendees).
It is an initiative organized by the biggest community of web3 developers in CEE - Web 3 Devs Poland, which consists of more than 700 members.

Throughout the hackathon, it is expected to see more than 200 web3 developers from all around the world working on their project ideas during two days of hard work on the 23rd and 24th of November.

The First edition of the Next Block Expo will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 23-24 November 2022, with more than 5000 attendees. 4 months from now, the Berlin Station will be the most important place in the European blockchain map, linking together the most important names from the blockchain.

The organizers expect more than 5000 participants at the conference, plus another 10 000 attending online. The venue can host more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. Everyone will be able to listen to more than 50 top blockchain speakers.

All the related links can be found here:

One more exciting event is happening this month in the Polish Web3 scene.

It’s an online event called Festiwal Web3. It’s organized by one of the BoFos, Szymon Paluch. It’s a web3 focused event with speeches around 3 topics: Marketing, Technology, and Enterprise.

There are some BoFos experts: Paweł Maliszewski, Bartek Bilicki, Artur Chmaro, and Szymon Paluch.

More about Polish events and projects can be read in the following special ‘Polish Independence’ episode of the BFN, stay tuned!

😎 I hope you like this mail!

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