Bored Founders🏆 Web3 at FIFA World Cup 2022 ⚽
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…and FTX update 🤑
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November 22, 2022 | Read Online
😎 GM!

It’s a real bear market. We’re currently waiting for ETH below $1000 and BTC < $15 000. I think that we can all agree, that’s only a matter of time.

The FTX bankruptcy is still in progress. We’re getting more information every day.

It’s depressing, especially in a late fall time.

On the other hand, the Qatar World Cup 2022 started this week.

I think all of that was planned - the World Cup at this moment will give a little joy for all tired web3 enthusiasts.

We found the best news in these two topics, just for you.

Enjoy reading!


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Today topics:

🏆 Web3 at FIFA World Cup 2022 ⚽

🤑 FTX update

😎 BFC Corner - Community Update


We were already writing in BFN about FIFA + Collect. This part of the FIFA + platform allows collecting football moments as an NFT.

FIFA + Collect a new trading card game (TCG) that lets you collect moments from sports history. The game is powered by Algorand, the official blockchain platform of FIFA. It's similar to NBA Top Shot.

You can collect moments from the earlier World Cups, but I'm waiting for the shots from the current Qatar World Cup 2022.

It's the first days of the tournament, but it looks like something definitely new and exciting.

All FIFA + Collect cards are integrated with the FIFA video game. Wow, it's huge - looks like the great usage of NFTs technology in an existing product.

Budverse x FIFA World Cup

The World Cup NFTs are the latest addition to the Budverse, where anyone old enough to buy a drink can mint an NFT updated by the scores of the latest game. The NFT represents the holder’s chosen country and follows the team’s progress throughout the competition. Holders also enter a competition to win tickets to the World Cup finals, plus a football kit. Budweiser developed the World Cup collection in partnership with serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vayner3 Web3 consultancy.

FIFA World

The FIFA World metaverse is an augmented reality (AR) experience that will run on the Roblox platform.
The metaverse is a way for users to interact with each other and the game through their web browsers without needing downloads or plugins. The virtual world is created by an AR engine that overlays virtual objects onto real-world images.
FIFA World will be available for free on Roblox from June 17. The game will also be available as a standalone app for iOS and Android devices later this year.
It’s not the first time that FIFA has experimented with AR technology in recent years – it’s currently running an AR campaign for its 2022 Qatar World Cup bid.

Africa Village

The Africa Village, in collaboration with the African wing of the United Nations Development Program, and the Centre for Development Intelligence, will bring African metaverse content to the World Cup.

The lounge and associated events function as "an inclusive global event for everyone who is a soccer fan and interested in African culture," says Hashmel Osuman.

Bringing NFTs to the World Cup is a simple, smart way to engage people who couldn’t go.


FTX bankruptcy filing was released last week, and it contains all the juicy details about how FTX was able to fly under the radar for so long. It consists of 30 court documents showing an incredibly sketchy business model with absolutely zero regards for their customers.
FTX didn't have an accountant or keep proper records of customer deposits. Oh, and they also used software to conceal the misuse of customer funds. Their managers accepted their employees' expenses with emojis. Yep, these things: 😁

There was no board meeting at FTX. They had no record-keeping system because they didn't even have a single accountant to oversee their spending. Even worse, they issued personal loans to their directors. Nishad Singh received a $543 million loan from FTX at a 6% interest rate when his only job title was Director of Engineering.

The icing on the cake is how FTX "secretly exempted" Alameda from the auto-liquidation protocol on the app. It allowed secret features like pushing money around in accounts without transferring it through the app. This gave Alameda god mode, and he could do whatever he wanted whenever.
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😎 Thanks for today!

I hope you enjoyed football/soccer and the FTX episode.

It looks like right now all these bridge exploits are not so important, but we’re still counting. There was no bridge exploit in web3 world for 46 days. 🥴

Next BFN Episode on Friday!

See ya!

Daniel "tuszcz12" Anuszczyk


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