Bored Founders🤡 Trump NFT cringe…
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…and Elon at Twitter 🐦
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December 20, 2022 | Read Online
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Days are shorter, and it’s almost the middle of winter.

I hope you are in the Christmas mood already.

We brought you some news from the web3 world.

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Today topics:

🐦 Elon at Twitter

🤡 Trump NFT cringe

😎 BFC Corner

I was expecting that Elon will lead Twitter to new glory. After PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX it should be the next groundbreaking company that will change the world.

What did Elon do after he took over Twitter?

  1. He fired thousands of employees and it smells bad.
  2. Brought back Donald J. Trump to the platform.
  3. Tried to turn on a paid verified account. Feature was turned off, because it didn't do its job.
  4. Blocked some journalists that criticized him.
  5. Did the vote if he should be Twitter CEO.

Last one sounds weird, but it’s true.

Questionnaire finished, I even gave Elon more time 👌

As you can see more Twitter users vote after the abdication of Twitter’s king. I don’t know what will be the future of twitter, but I know one thing. There will be a lot of news to write about in the future and even more memes.

There was even a suggestion from Lex Friedman, to let him run Twitter for a while 😉 I like that idea.

What do you think about Twitter’s king?

Reply to this mail 📬


In the last episode, we wrote about the Trump NFT collection. I even made some hilarious mistakes writing about Obama in the collection. It was an obvious mistake. On all NFTs is one and only Donald J. Trump. You can like or not like this guy, but this collection is something on this NFT poor days.

What made this collection special?

  • Trashy marketing

I didn't notice an old-style advertisement with Trump in the bad meaning of that word. Remind me of Saul Goodman's advertise. If you missed that, like me, you need to watch it! The best is the beginning, about the best president, better than Lincoln and better than Washington himself.

It’s so bad that I have no idea who wants to buy it after watching it. Honestly, I prefer this
version as a fan of the SNL Show.

Strange, that Donald doesn’t promote his collection on his recovered twitter account.

  • Ugly Art

The unique Trading Cards by President Trump are ugly and look like from a low-budget browser game. Even worse, some of the graphics have trademarks from amazon or Walmart. This is not looking good.

After all, the former US President said that this collection is about his life. I don’t remember that Trump was a soldier, racing driver, hunter, or astronaut. Such pride is similar to the president of another huge country.

  • Fast Sale

The entire collection of 45 000 NFTs sold out in twelve hours. It’s impressive in that NFT bear market. It’s almost $4.5m. Many famous people want to drop NFT with this level of success. Mint costs $99, and right now, the floor price is at 0.25 ETH, which is around $288. It means it’s worth almost three times more if anyone buys it.

OpenSea numbers are huge. 25k transaction and total volume around 6 902 ETH. It’s more than $8 million. On collection page is an information, that this found will not fund Donald J. Trump presidential campaign.

I hope that’s true. I don’t know what you think about that, but I don’t trust politics.


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