Bored Founders🌪️ Tornado cash case update
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…and Coinbase needed that functionality ©️
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September 20, 2022 | Read Online
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Today’s topics:

🌪️ Tornado cash case udate

©️ Coinbase needed that functionality

📈 Web 3 Express News


Tornado Cash Case is one of the biggest and the most critical cases in the last web3 events. It started with the unprecedented banned on a computer programs. One of the software engineers was arrested, and he is still waiting to bring charges against him.

The U.S. Treasury Department explained the controversial sanctions related to Tornado Cash. The U.S. Department of the Treasury further clarified the controversial Tornado Cash sanctions.

In the tweet, Neeraj K. Agrawal explained that people with trapped funds could apply for withdrawal. The Treasury is aware of dusting attacks and is not prioritizing enforcement. U.S. Treasury says that users may apply for a license to withdraw funds deposited into Tornado Cash before sanctions were announced.

Why all of that is so important?

This is a dangerous precedent. The U.S. says that if your application is used in a crime, we will ban your program.

An open-source code can be removed from GitHub if used in a way that the U.S. does not accept.

Maybe it looks like defending citizens from potential danger, but to me, it’s more like banning knives because someone used a knife once to harm somebody.

Every society needs to set a limit somewhere. The question is, where it is?

It’s crucial to track Tornado Cash Case. I’m inquisitive about how it will end.

Important questions to be answered:
  1. When can my application be banned by U.S.?
  2. How long can a software developer be arrested without charges against him?
  3. How much government need to know about citizens' finances?


Coinbase is one of the biggest secure online platforms for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital assets. It’s used by people that are active in the crypto space. From the Coinbase point of view and the user POV, it is vital to build a crypto-friendly environment.

Who can build this kind of environment?

Politicians have got something to say in that matter. They represent citizens, build and vote about law changes. In all democratic countries, groups of interest are lobbying in their own affairs.

Here is a new Coinbase feature that is great for the Coinbase platform and users.

The idea is easy but genius. Users can figure out which neighborhood politician support crypto. Giving a vote to such politicians can be a little step toward the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It’s suitable for all that support crypto:

  • Users got better legislation.

  • Coinbase got more new users because of mass adoption.

  • Politicians get more votes and can win an election.

It’s also accessible to tip politicians using the Coinbase application.

I like that idea, and I’m curious if it will impact the future of the U.S.


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