Bored Founders😱 The Binance FUD…
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… and what is the utility of Trump NFT? 🤡
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December 16, 2022 | Read Online
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This is the Bored Founders News again, with some exciting web3 news for you!

In this episode, you can read about the FUD on Binance CEX, the new NFT collection of former US President Donald Trump, and a lot of express news.

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Today topics:

😱 The Binance FUD

🤡 What is utility of Trump NFT?

😎 BFC Corner - Bored Founders Show

After FTX's bankruptcy, many people wonder if their crypto assets are safe. As we know, the man who started the problems of Sam was CZ, the CEO of the largest crypto exchange - Binance. Right now, all crypto markets need to face all this distrust. As the biggest CEX, Binance will be the entity that will feel it the most.

There is a significant FUD on all crypto markets.

FUD stands for "fear, uncertainty, and doubt." It's a sneaky trick used by some businesses to spread bad stuff about their competitors' products or companies to make them look bad. It's like a dirty trick to try to ruin someone's reputation. But don't worry. You can always fact-check and research to ensure you're getting the real deal.

A lot of rumors on SM took place. The crowd is scared. As a result, they are doing one of three things:
  • Exchange crypto from CEX to USD,
  • Transfer assets to own wallet,
  • Exchange all assets to BTC or ETH and transfer to their own wallet.

Remember the rule: Not your keys, not your crypto.

Always keep your assets in your wallets. The best option is a cold wallet like Ledger or Trezor. They don't pay us for this recommendation 😉

Almost $9 billion was withdrawn from Binance in the last few days. This is a lot of money. It's a real test for the company's liquidity and collateral check. We'll see if Binance is the rightful king or the naked one.


The NFT market is bearish right now. There are not a lot of traders there. Only some projects are successful. And remember, it's OK!

It looks like it's more mature.

There are fewer flips.

It's not a problem for good projects to make profit.

Blue Chips (BAYC, CryptoPunks, VeeFriends) are doing well.
There are some new promising projects like COCKPUNCH or BFC.

Every collection with a big name behind it in this kind of environment is treated as potentially interesting.

Former US President Donald Trump is a huge name and live meme. Memes have great power in the web3 world. This is something in which Trump is the best. He's a strong meme. It led him to the White House, and I think it will also bring success to Trump NFT.

Trump released his first collection of non-fungible tokens available on the website

The collection features a series of digital cards showing Obama in various roles and settings. This includes Obama as a muscle-bound wrestler, playing basketball and even in space.

For those wondering if this is political, the website clearly states that no money from the collection will be used for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. We will be able to see if they stick to their word.

Although some see the collection as a unique opportunity to own a piece of political history, others expect to see potential profits that the limited edition cards may bring.

There is also an IRL utility associated with the cards. You can win a meet and greet with Trump, an exclusive dinner in Miami, or golf with him and two of your friends.

Despite all of this, I think Trump NFT is an interesting collection.

Let us know what you think about it!!!

Would you buy it?

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Is NFT Patent the future of copyright?

Our CEO, Bogusz Pękalski, who hosted the NFT Patent team, answered this and many other exciting questions.

They were talking about web3, NFTs, business, the story behind the NFT Patent, and the plans for the future of their project.

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