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February 14, 2023 | Read Online
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❤️ Web3 Valentine's Day! ❤️

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🏈 DigiDaigaku’s Ad

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During the Super Bowl, one of the few crypto referenced ads was for the NFT-powered game DigiDaigaku. This year, there won't be any strictly crypto ads on the big screen, like last year when we could see crypto ads for Coinbase, E-toro,, and FTX (which is under bankruptcy right now).

Limit Break, the web3 gaming startup behind the project, paid $6.5 million for the commercial, which promised a free mint for one of 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs to viewers who scanned a persistent QR code in the ad. However, many viewers who attempted to claim the free NFT were redirected to the Twitter profile of Limit Break's CEO, Gabriel Leydon. Some accused the company of "engagement farming" and criticized the minting process, which required an Ethereum wallet, as exclusionary.

Despite the issues, Limit Break distributed at least some of the promised NFTs, trading rapidly on secondary markets since the Super Bowl. According to OpenSea, the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs NFTs initially sold for over 0.5 ETH (over $750) but have since then fluctuated in price. During halftime, the floor price dropped to about 0.32 ETH ($485) but has since risen again to about 0.39 ETH ($585). Overall, trades worth 912 ETH (over $1.3 million) have already occurred. However, the price fluctuations may be partly due to uncertainty about a second wave of Dragon Eggs NFTs that Leydon has been tweeting about.

Despite the mixed reception of the DigiDaigaku commercial, it remains one of the few instances of crypto-related advertising during this year's Super Bowl. It also highlights the growing interest in NFTs and their potential to attract mainstream attention. While some have criticized the DigiDaigaku campaign for its execution, it may still serve as a case study for future marketing efforts as companies seek to leverage the excitement and hype around NFTs for their products and services.

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Getting tired of waiting for international money transfers and high transaction fees? There is one web3 project which is super efficient in addressing these pain points - Stellar.

The goal of the Stellar network is to facilitate cross-border transactions between different currencies and to make it easier for people to access financial services, especially in underbanked regions of the world.

How? Let’s take a look at a specific example:

Company A from the US would like to buy X avocados from Mexican company B. In traditional finance, A needs to exchange its dollars for the pesos and then send pesos to company B, which takes up to 7 days. However, company A can send US dollars in the Stellar ecosystem, and company B automatically receives pesos. This way, neither of the companies loses % of their currency worth due to currency conversion.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Stellar is not designed to be a store of value or a medium of exchange. Instead, it is a real-time platform that enables the exchange of multiple currencies and assets. Stellar's native cryptocurrency is called Lumens (XLM), which is used to pay transaction fees and facilitate network transactions.

If you want to deepen your understanding of cryptocurrencies and stay ahead of the financial industry curve, don't miss out on my article about Stellar in the Świat Web3 newsletter.


  • The Trump Card NFT collection has raked in a whopping $16 million on OpenSea, even though the floor price is flopping faster than former president’s hair in a windstorm - down to just 0.5 ETH.

  • A revival of interest in bitcoin development and an increase in average block size are the results of the Ordinals protocol, said a report released Friday by research firm FSInsight. The BTC Ordinals had a crazy week and went BOOM! Now there are almost 50,000 of these things floating around. That's more inscriptions than the number of cats my neighbor has!

  • Sorare NBA, a fancy basketball game that uses NFTs, just scored big time! They sold a special NFT of Giannis Antetokounmpo for $187,000 worth of ETH on Sunday.

  • If you are interested in Network State, you should get familiar with  Balaji Srinivasan. The author of the Network State started a brand new The Network State Podcast. In the first episode, he discusses with Vitalik Buterin the past, present, and future of the Ethereum blockchain and about the Network State. Worth to check!

Decentralized Finance is a new financial ecosystem that allows for the creation of financial tools without the need for intermediaries like banks. DeFi applications are built on public blockchains and operate using smart contracts. This allows for a trustless, peer-to-peer environment where transactions can be conducted in a transparent and secure way.

DeFi applications have gained significant traction in recent years due to their ability to provide borderless access to financial tools. These applications are built to be open and interconnected, allowing them to be used in conjunction with one another. For example, Uniswap, Chainlink, and Ankr are popular DeFi applications that allow the exchange of digital assets, the creation of decentralized marketplaces, and the provision of infrastructure services, respectively.

Overall, DeFi has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about finance. With the power of blockchain technology, DeFi applications offer a more accessible, transparent, and secure alternative to traditional financial systems. As the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow, we can expect to see more innovative financial tools that bring increased financial freedom to individuals around the world.

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