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February 1, 2023 | Read Online
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Last week, Kevin Rose himself was scammed. I'm sure you know someone who lost his precious NFTs or crypto. This episode will be focused on scams. Whether you like it or not, they are a part of the crypto world. We're talking about this repeatedly to make you more aware and safe in web3.

We also wrote about a big charity project that used NFT, and you will know what HODL means and read some news from the Bored Founders Club.



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Today topics:

⛔ Kevin Rose Scammed

❤️ NFT Heart

🛎️ Web3 Dictionary - HODL

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This is important to write about stolen assets to make you more aware of the web3 world dangers.

Do you know Kevin Rose?
He’s a founder of Moonbird NFT collection and cofounder of Proof Collective. Big name in the web3 world. Unfortunately, being famous will not help if you’re being scammed.

If you’re interested in details, read all the threads by Arran. Also, an interesting point of view to all cases was shown by quit.q00t.eth. Worth a read if you don’t want to be scammed.

It is important to know that everyone should learn how to recognize and avoid scams. If you're an advanced web3 user, you should be even more careful. If you’re making more transactions, probably there will be more scams on your road. Here is a tweet with a sign page, for the contract that Kevin signed.

The clever hacker successfully utilized a classic technique of social engineering to deceive Rose, creating an illusion of trust and causing him to unsuspectingly sign transactions that were later confirmed by OpenSea's marketplace agreement. Despite the serious nature of the situation, one can't deny the cleverness of the hacker's tactics.

What was the end result of this phishing on Kevin Rose?

Kevin lost $2 million worth of NFTs, including 25 Chromie Squiggles and other highly coveted assets. On the bright side, PROOF collective's digital possessions remained unscathed, as they required multiple approvals for access.


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (polish. WOŚP) is a Polish public benefit organization aiming to support and improve medical care in public hospitals nationwide. The unique sign for this event is a red heart sticker that participants get after donation. For 31 years, the organization raised over a million dollars yearly, from $1,535,440.68 in 1993 to $56,518,453.11 in 2022. Every year the goal is one - grow more than last year.

This year WOŚP Hearts are also in NFT form! You can donate to the organization and get your ownWOŚP Heart until the 5th of Feb, 2023. This is a big step to popularize Web3 and NFT technology in Poland. You can buy NFT Heart for 31 PLN (less than $7). There was also an option to buy 1 of 31 NFT Collectible Hearts on auction. It's already closed. NFT Collectible Hearts was sold for 1500 PLN - 6000 PLN ( $320 - $1300 ).

NFT Heart gives one of 10 heart versions, an NFT course (in Polish), and a donation certificate. This Heart cannot be sold and is provided to clients on the Mintiq platform.

NFT Collectible Hearts gives creative workshops, "Strategy and benefits of entering the world of NFT and Web3 ", 2 VIP tickets to the Pol'and'Rock Festival, and a gift with a real-life version of NFT. These hearts can be sold.

All NFT parts of this event were powered by the Smartverum company and the Mintiq platform. Bored Founders Club members Bartek Bilicki and Szymon Paluch participate in all of that.

Will you buy your NFT Heart? I already bought one 😉


HODL is strange. It started as a misspelling of "hold," which later transformed into the legit acronym of "hold on (for) dear life." The term signals that someone is not selling, despite potential volatility and uncertainty.

It's often used on discord servers and in memes. If you're starting your web3 adventure, it's important to be familiar with these kinds of terms. 🛎️


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You can read a new blog post on BFC blog about a scam on a fake Mint site. Describes the situation and shares details about how the scam was almost successful. To avoid falling victim to similar scams in the future, the author suggests several steps that users can take to protect themselves.

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It's important to remind users about the dangers lurking in the world of web3.

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