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...and spooky season in the Metaverse 🎃
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October 28, 2022 | Read Online
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It’s finally Friday, but as you know - there are no weekends in the web3 world.

We’re continuing the Metaverse week in BFN and starting the spooky season. 🧛

I hope you’re not scared of the newest technology!!!

One more time, BFC’s Metaverse experts prepared top news for you

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Today topics:

🔴 Red numbers… Red numbers everywhere!

🪟 Another powerhouse makes itself comfortable in the Metaverse

⚽ FIFA World goes live in Roblox

🎃 Spooky season in the Metaverse

😎 BFC Corner - BFC Numbers


According to recent statements, things are not looking up for Meta. The costs are increasing incrementally (19% year to year!), and the incomes generated by Reality Labs, Meta’s division for developing VR and other associated technologies, tanked nearly 50%. As a result, Meta’s share price also went down by a whopping 25%! Moreover, the analysts predict the expenses will only increase in 2023, which does not precisely instill hope in shareholders.

However, Mr. Zuckerberg’s faith in the Metaverse seems to be unwavering. He considers it to be a long-term investment that eventually is “going to provide greater returns over time,” as he said. So, even if one disagrees with Meta’s take on the Metaverse, it is definitely good to have a true believer spearheading the idea to the mainstream. All in all - thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg!


The Metaverse-mania that started last year has slightly diminished by now, and individual users are less enthusiastic about the idea than in the beginning. But it does not seem to bother software powerhouses such as Microsoft, which are taking more and more steps to make the most of the Metaverse revolution.

Mr. Ihsan Anabtawi said that they are working on bringing Microsoft Cloud services and Teams platform into the Metaverse to foster the adoption. Even more exciting is the fact that the next stop is the integration of Microsoft Mesh, Hololens, and Azure Digital Twins. All those technologies are considered future milestones in the global adoption of the extended reality. You should catch up with those 👀

What a time to be alive in the Metaverse, eh?


To all the Metaverse haters and disbelievers, we bring you our unicorn and precious gem of the Metaverse movement: Roblox. If you haven’t heard about it yet, now is the perfect time to get familiar with it as they have just signed an impressive partnership with FIFA, just ahead of the World Cup start.

With over 43 million (that is 43.000.000, right in your face World of Warcraft, with your puny 7 mils!) daily active users, Roblox becomes one of the strongest players in the Metaverse market (even though they do not actively promote themselves as a metaverse). Together with FIFA, they are now launching what is called FIFA World - an immersive virtual land where Roblox’s users will gain access to multiple games and events. Players are set not only to have fun but also to win collector’s items and expand their knowledge about football history.

Hats off to you, Roblox. You are doing this right!


The Metaverse and VR allow a more immersive experience for users. That's why it's a great way to make some Halloween entertainment!

What are the best Halloween Experiences in Metaverse this year?

1. Chesterville

We wrote about the first
Cheetos presence in Metaverse in the last episode. This is done in cooperation with Vayner3 and VaynerX.

The goal is to access the Spooky Mansion on the top of Cheetos Hill. Fans achieving that goal get a chance to vote for their favorite “ghost of Cheetos’ past” - snack flavors. The one that gets the most votes will reappear on shelves next year. 🦇

All taking place on Meta’s Horizon Worlds platform.

2. Cryptoween

Self-proclaimed crypto queen - Paris Hilton - launched Cryptoween in the Sandbox platform, a Halloween-themed experience that promises to be spooktacular. 🧟

3. Fun_Tastic Party

Fun_Tastic Party is a Halloween-themed event in Roblox made by electronics company TCL. There are unique costumes for characters and Halloween mini-games in TCL's "Dream House.” ⚰️

Are you hungry for more Halloween topics? 🕸️ Be sure to read the next BFN!!!

(BFC Corner)

At the end of November, we want to share some BFC stats.

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