Bored Founders👻 One wallet to rule them all…
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…and SBF on call 📞
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December 2, 2022 | Read Online
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Today topics:

👻 One wallet to rule them all

📞 SBF on call

📉 Web3 Express News


Phantom announced support for ethereum and polygon networks!!!

The announcement was published on the Phantom Twitter account. Here are more details about the information:

  • Phantom was founded with the intent of going multichain. The team has been working hard for months on a wallet that makes web3 more cohesive for users and developers.
  • By partnering closely with Polygon, Phantom is offering a first-class wallet experience for NFTs, games, and apps powered by Polygon.
  • Self-custody is now more critical than ever. However, the multichain future feels uncertain because the platform expects to manage different wallets on different chains.
  • Phantom is a single wallet that allows people to access the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana ecosystems.
  • Phantom is a friendly self-custodial wallet with best-in-class protection. Wallet empowers you with real-time warnings and human-readable transaction context. It also has got a 24/7 support team to address your needs.
  • Phantom will be the best place to sell your NFTs. Manage listings, burn spam, get updated with helpful push notifications, and showcase them across all file formats and devices. That includes viewing NFTs in your browser extension.

The phantom team will be rolling out invites to public beta in the next few weeks, with a public launch planned soon after.

I don’t know what you think about that, but from my point of view, wallets work slowly as extensions to browsers. With this amount of features, it will probably be worse. 😟


Tiffany Fong published two call interviews with SBF. These interviews were published on youtube on the 29th and 30th of October.

Sam believes that FTX US still has enough money to pay back its customers, and he should never have filed for bankruptcy. According to Sam, $4 billion came into FTX eight minutes after he filed for bankruptcy.

Sam admitted that he donated roughly the same amount to Republicans as he did to Democrats but kept it all on the down low to avoid public scrutiny. Sam believes that the $400M hack probably came from an ex-employee.

Also, the New York Times interviewed Sam. He said his lawyers advise against speaking to the public, but he feels it is his "duty" to help customers. He plans to ignore their advice.

SBF believes FTX. US and FTX U.S. derivatives (Ledger X) are still solvent, although he has never heard of a company going bankrupt and coming back to life.

He claimed that his political donations came from profits, but Forbes reported in 2021 that Alameda had lost $3.7 billion since its inception.

SBF said he didn't drink alcohol until he was 21. He used things on the margin to help focus a little bit, but he wishes he had been focused more over the last year.

Samuel thought FTX had too much corporate governance since it had dozens of boards for its 100+ subsidiary companies.

SBF looks busy right now. He will also be next year - he has been called to testify at a hearing scheduled for February.

Do you think SBF is treated properly?

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    • Multiple artists, including DrifterShoots and Vinnie Hagar, had their NFTs sell out on the first sales day. DrifterShoots NFTs are currently selling for 1.7 ETH ($2,050).

    • Russian President (a.k.a. Dictator) Vladimir Putin calls for an international blockchain-based payment system "independent of external interference." The Kremlin is also planning a framework for a national crypto exchange. Is there anyone who treats Vladimir's "independent" system seriously?
    • Porsche is the latest automobile manufacturer to enter the NFT art market. The company displayed a gallery of digital photographs using the 911 at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Porsche's innovation management also sees great potential in Web3's purchasing experience, metaverse, and supply chain.

    • Brazil has legalized crypto as a payment method. Brazil has yet to make Bitcoin legal tender as El Salvador did last year. The South-American nation has passed a law that legalizes crypto payments throughout the country.

    • OpenSea has added Binance Chain NFTs. CZ's brainchild is catching up with the mainstream NFT scene, joining Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Optimism on the world's largest NFT marketplace.
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