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September 27, 2022 | Read Online
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🍏 NFTs on iPhones coming soon

📈 Web 3 Express News

😎 BFC Corner - The last chance to preorder your VIP NFT

One of the hottest news during the last few days is Apple’s statement regarding NFT usage in App Store applications. Apple forced two requirements on application creators:

  1. 30% fees on all NFT in-app transactions,

  1. transactions in FIAT only.

I was always surprised by the fees Apple charges its customers, and they still love the company. Clients are happy to pay more because they use their great iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. I know that the product is excellent and the integration level in the Apple ecosystem is at a higher level.

Here is the thing - the NFTs can be bought on Apple’s device using a browser - without any additional in-app purchase fee!

Okay, I know this is a problem for some applications that want to make an NFT a part of their application ecosystem. There can be a lot of NFT usage in games and many kinds of apps.

Tim Sweeney, the Epic Games CEO, retweeted that Apple is “crushing” another nascent technology. There is a little story behind that - App Store banned Fortnite in 2020 because it tried to skirt Apple’s fees. Fortnite is one of the most critical Epic Games brands.

Some apps will probably still try to sell their NFTs in the App Store. Magic Eden, the NFT marketplace, already received a proposition from the App Store to discount the fee to 15%. Despite this, the application withdrew its service from the App Store.

There is a massive number of new users that are using Apple’s App Store and are not familiar with NFTs yet. It is an argument that is crucial for startup creators. They want to share their piece of the pie if they get access to so many new users.

This user requires one thing that the web3 world didn’t create yet - a real user-friendly experience. They need an ecosystem to manage their NFTs, using money they understand. They want easy solutions, and App Store requirements can force that.

We will see. I am curious what will be the first successful app selling NFTs in the App Store.

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  • The new update on the OpenSea NFT market is pretty impressive. The new page of the projects displays the creator's fee, percent of collection listed for sale, and percent of unique owners. It will help to spot potential scam projects.

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