Bored Founders๐Ÿ˜Ž Minecraft bans NFTs
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..and our reactions to Elon selling 75% of Tesla's BTC
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July 22, 2022 | Read Online
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What we got for you today:

  • Tesla sold a lot of BTC
  • Blockchain technologies are not permitted in Minecraft
  • Express News
  • Fun fact
  • The Evveland and The Game Lounge - what can you do in the metaverse?

Tesla sold a lot of BTC

One more time Elon is causing rumors.

In Q2 Tesla sold 75% of its owned $BTC.

We asked Bored Founders, what they think about that?

Wow, did BTC go out of fashion for Elon?

I'm a bit disappointed with that move. We can hope that big companies selling their crypto assets are a sign that the bear market is coming to an end. ๐Ÿ˜„ btw. I'm wondering if they will sell the rest of the BTC they own during this quarter.

Elon's actions have always impacted the market. Worth to look deeper into that and take a conclusion.

The question is, when is Elon (diamond hands) going to buy all of this back?

They just wanted to have positive cash flow this quarter. They'll buy it back.

Blockchain technologies are not permitted in Minecraft
The explanation as you can see above is to provide a safe and inclusive experience. It sounds bad. Safety is always an excellent reason to take someone's rights.

Another one. The digital ownership that NFTs are giving is based on scarcity and exclusion. Minecraft built negative narration.

Minecraft makes a point that players have no inclusive experience if they do not have tokens. This sounds like they care for users.

Do they?

They do not treat NFTs as an added value, but as competition. Looks like they don't want to share this cake. Of course, it is not permitted only for 3rd parties.

There could be a few scenarios:

  • they don't want others to earn in Minecraft,
  • they are working on their own web3 features in Minecraft. They don't want competitors, they want to prepare more regulations about blockchain usage in Minecraft.

The main problem here is that there are already big NFT projects based on it, like NFT World. This decision could kill smaller ones. The big one will create their own Minecraft and then, competition begins.

The big video games companies already have their place in the market. They do not see NFTs as an opportunity. There will be a moment when one of them will use NFTs to gain an advantage over the others.

Which big video games company will it be the first to adopt NFTs?

Reply to this mail with an answer. We will check later who was right ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

I already see how I am upgrading my witcher NFT with potions and mutagens.

CD Project Red - do that, please โš”๏ธ.
Express News

  • Otherside is a metaverse built for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, by Yuga Labs. It was open for the first time on Saturday. You could see a metaverse full of landowners in this video. Logged in more than 4,300 players.

  • Great explanation of what zkEVM is here.

Have you seen the DYOR acronym?

We will go a little deeper into a web3 society today. There is a ton of information about the market available. You can read blog posts, news, or Discord channels.

There are channels called alpha on Discord servers. Users share there news about investment opportunities. If you have got access to the good alpha, you can rule the world (or just make some money).

But there's a catch. Investing in the web3 world is a wild west. Crypto, NFT, DeFi could be highly beneficial, but they are at high risk too.

That's why DYOR is often used.

It means Do Your Own Research.

It is a common reminder. I want to share some news with you. It is a good opportunity, but you need to check it by yourself.

Remember, only you are responsible for your investment decision.
Use DYOR to remind other investors about that.

The Evveland and The Game Lounge - what can you do in the metaverse?

The metaverse is becoming more and more common with the popularization of Web3.

Blockchain has changed a lot since 2009.

Will it change that much in the next few years as well?

The Evveland looks like a great project. It's a wide space for realizing the business initiatives in the metaverse.

Its mission is to become a space with a business model. That is respecting the environment and empowering communities. The Evveland is the recipe for the typical problems of the centralized world. E.g. misaddressed advertising.

You will find various opportunities to get rewards.


Letโ€™s talk about another metaverse-based project - Game Lounge.

It looks like its authors are convinced that nature does not tolerate void. People need to have the space to release their ideas.

In the Game Lounge, there are various development possibilities for companies and individuals.

Their lounges serve many functions at once. It's a space where you have fun and socialize with others.

You can advertise products and services, as well as an NFT exhibition. There is something for everyone to monetize their activities.

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