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…and web3 on VMAs
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August 30, 2022 | Read Online
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Plan for today:

📢 Mainnet Merge Announcement

📃 ENS Domain Names reach 2 Million registrations

🎶 Web 3 on MTV Music Awards

📈 Web3 Express News

Last week the Ethereum Foundationposted about the Mainnet Merge. All merge process info was shared with estimated dates and helpful info for all parties involved: operators, stakers, tooling developers, ETH holders, validators, and miners. Looks like a lot of actors are playing here..

  • Ethereum is moving to proof-of-stake! The transition, known as The Merge, must first be activated on the Beacon Chain with the Bellatrix upgrade. After this, the proof-of-work chain will migrate to proof-of-stake upon hitting a specific Total Difficulty value.

  • The Bellatrix upgrade is scheduled for epoch 144896 on the Beacon Chain -- 11:34:47am UTC on Sept 6, 2022.

  • The Terminal Total Difficulty value triggering The Merge is 58750000000000000000000, expected between Sept 10th and 20th, 2022.

  • The Kiln testnet is at sunset. Operators will shut down on Sept 6th, 2022.

All Merge-related bounties for vulnerabilities have received a 4x multiplier between now and the 8th of September. Critical bugs are now worth up to $1 million.

If you are mining on the Ethereum mainnet, you should know that the network will operate entirely under proof-of-stake after The Merge. At that point, mining will no longer be possible on the network.

You don't have to do anything if you are an Ethereum user or ETH holder. If an application, exchange, or wallet offers additional instructions or recommendations, you should verify if those requests are real.. Be on the lookout for scams!

One more reminder from Vitalik for node operators is to update your clients before the 6th of September!


Are you familiar with ENS Domain Names?

Probably you saw someone on Twitter with a username ending with .eth, for example, AHopkins.eth or vitalik.eth.

These users are using The Ethereum Name Services (ENS).
This is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create a simple and easy-to-remember name for all their wallet addresses and decentralized websites.

Instead of using a wallet address in a hash form, you can just use your ENS name.

These domain names can be used as NFTs, website addresses, or cryptographic hashes. Ethereum Name Service describes itself as a web3-friendly, decentralized protocol that links complex strings of alphanumeric machine-generated characters to human-friendly names. These domain names are NFTs that you must mint on the Ethereum blockchain.

Another example of a naming service is Unstoppable Domains. It uses names with extensions: .crypto, .bitcoin, .nft, .blockchain and .dao. To get your name you need to mint the NFT on Polygon.
It only took 3.5 months to reach the 2nd million names. The 1st million took 5 years. The next ones will be quicker.

As I mentioned at the beginning, more and more celebrities get their ENS, just like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Vitalik Buterin did.

Using ENS is more common now and is a way to make web3 usage more user-friendly.


We recently wrote about a new category for this year's VMA - "Best Metaverse Performance" award. The winner is BLACKPINK x PUBG. The South Korean Girls band performed in a popular battle royal game PUBG.

Another web3 presence at this year’s VMA was a performance made by two BAYCholders - Eminem & Snoop Dogg. Guys did "From The D 2 The LBC".
In the show, they used animation owned by them - Ape avatars. There are a lot of negative comments after this, suggesting that the animation was low quality. There are also comments that Eminem and Snoop Dogg advertise the BAYC collection too much with their performance.

IMHO: Eminem and Snoop play a lot with their NFTs. There are a lot of rumors, sometimes it looks like too much. This is a great way to make people talk about NFT and all crypto things, bringing some fresh blood to the web3 world.

  • Taco Bell x Decentraland are hosting a contest for Metaverse Wedding.

  • Miley Cyrus is the latest artist to enter the metaverse after officially applying for two non-fungible token-related trademarks (NFTs): ‘Miley’ and ‘Miley Cyrus.’

  • Last week Joe Rogan was talking with Mark Zuckerberg in The Joe Rogan Experience. There was a lot about Metaverse and the future of technology. Worth to watch if you are curious about which technology the Meta Company is investing in.

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