Bored Founders🐼 Ladies and Gents - THE MERGE is here!
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…and some PoS NFTies 🎉
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September 16, 2022 | Read Online
Gm! 👋 Happy Friday! 😊

What a week. I feel like I’m at the beginning of 2000.

It was said that The World’s End is soon.

It was said that Rise of the Machines is coming.

It was said that it could be ended only by a disaster.

And here we’re more powerful than ever.

The web3 world is a very creative one. Such events as The Merge are excellent topics for meme creators. It means that today’s BFN will be full of them. Be prepared!

We were hoping that everything would go smoothly, and so far, there have been no problems, but you never know. This is great news. We can finally announce that Ethereum 2.0 Shipped at 2022-09-15T06:43 (Vitalik approved date format)

Happy Merge All!


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Today’s main topic can be only one thing!!!

🐼Ladies and Gents - THE MERGE is here!

We also prepared some

📈 Web3 Express News

Ladies and Gents - THE MERGE is here!

It was a long awaited event that was announced 7 years ago. A lot of folks did not believe that this would ever be achieved. Many online The Merge Parties took place. It’s so nerdy.

The exact Merge moment looked like this:

It’s almost like: Job done, Sir!

Should we expect more Pandas collections, instead of Apes on Ethereum PoS? Let’s see what the future brings.

How does a celebration look like in the web3 world? There are a lot of memes, tokens, and NFTs collections. Here is The Merge Song.

Another web3 artist beeple made this PoS graphic.

A few special NFTies were minted:

  • The very first NFT on PoS ETH. This gas price is unbelievable. You know, someone really wanted to be the first one. Probably, it was a good investment opportunity.

  • The first ever NFT collection on Ethereum PoS.

We asked BoFos: What do you think about The Merge's success?

"It was not a spectacular thing, but the facts are the ETH network is now using much less energy and is much more stable. I am glad it finally happened".

"In my opinion it is a nice proof that the team behind Ethereum is capable of introducing significant changes to the protocol without interruptions and major issues. It definitely increases my confidence that future changes like sharding or introduction of verkle trees will become a reality in the not too distant future".

"I unfortunately don’t have opinion about it. I’m not being that long in crypto and web3 world. But it’s nice to see it and observe what is happening".

It’s important to mention, that this is the first of the bunch of updates planned in Ethereum blockchain (The Merge, The Surge, The Verge, The Purge and The Splurge). We’re waiting for more!
After The Merge it can feel like it wasn’t such a big deal. It’s important that:
  • ETH after The Merge is deflationary. There is less ETH in supply than before this update.
  • The Ethereum network is using 99% less energy now. It’s about 0.2% worldwide electricity production. There is no eco argument against Ethereum anymore.
  • Block times are a lot more stable and consistent after The Merge.

  • We wrote that Disney company is interested in web3 startups in one of the first BFN. Now, Disney CEO confirms their interest in the Metaverse. They are working on something connected with their amusement parks and digital experience. No more details have been announced yet.

  • New US inflation data for August. Consumer prices increased by 8.3% over the past year. It's the sixth month in a row with inflation above 8%.

😎 I hope you enjoyed that mail.

Like always in the web3 world, there is too much news to cover in one mail.

Be aware of the next BFN edition.

The Bored Founders Club is working hard to deliver all of that.

Enjoy the weekend, and see you next week!

Daniel "tuszcz12" Anuszczyk


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