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October 14, 2022 | Read Online
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🍭 Kleks Academy failure

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Paweł Maliszewskiis one of the most active BoFos on Linkedin. He provides insightful commentaries on  NFT projects, with a lot of analysis and accurate observations. This time, he wrote a post about Kleks Academy, a project based on a Polish bestseller book for children called "Professor Inkblot's Academy" ("Akademia Pana Kleksa") by Jan Brzechwa.

Kleks Academy is a Polish NFT project. Great movie behind the project. Yesterday there was a premiere of their NFT. It was a complete marketing failure. See what went wrong.

They were trying to sell a few thousand NFTs. Instead, they've sold 76 NFTs in presale and 0 NFTs on public sale. They will probably refund it to buyers. See the story of the wasted project, and let's figure out how to fix it.

The project had everything that a solid NFT project needs to have. It has an excellent road map, someone who invented this is an NFT genius. Having Kleks NFT in Your wallet, You can even participate in a movie as a statistician actor. You may meet the director, who is quite famous in Poland. There were a ton of great and fun utilities. It could be the game changer for the whole entertainment industry, and Hollywood studios could follow the example. I recognize that Disney is trying to achieve something similar at this moment.

Did I say they had everything a solid project needs to have? I forgot to mention the great community behind the project, thousands of people who are movie fans and were waiting to mint their NFT as an entrance to the Kleks magic world. Middle aged people who remember the film from the 80’s and would love to participate in this spectacular entertainment...

Wait, all of the above is fake. It would have been true if I had run the project.

There was no community at all. There was no strategy on how to onboard Polish and abroad movie fans. I haven't even seen them try. But what I've seen instead was an army of bots spamming with random conversations on the discord project like "how was Your day fren." I saw a well-known NFT influencer instead. What I have witnessed is the old school method that is not working nowadays.

Kleks academy could have been a great NFT project. And it still can. You guys must delete the mint and refund the money to the few people who minted it. You need to lay off the team behind the project and hire someone with any idea of how to manage this kind of NFT project.

It would be best if the team kept the road map but postponed the mint into the winter. Start building a real community, for God's sake!


  • Barbie partners with Boss Beauties for a new NFT collection.

  • There were a lot of strange collaborations recently. One of them is the Meta - Microsoft partnership. They want to bring Office 365 products into the virtual office in Meta’s Metaverse. So now you can dive into metaverse to get into that Teams meeting with your remote team.
One of the BFC founder members, Tom Maciejewski, shows in our discord channel how he builds in public his project

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