Bored Founders😎 How much could you pay for a candy?
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…and The Hell’s Kitchen in Metaverse
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August 26, 2022 | Read Online
Gm! 👋 It’s Bored Founders News!

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There is so much news that day in web3 feels like a week in real life.

No worries! We’re here to select the most important ones and serve them to you.

Before we start…

BFC Founders NFT update.

Mint status: 445/500
Floor Price: 0.99 ETH
Our collection: Check on OpenSea

Mint for eligible persons has been completed.
The remaining 55 tokens will be minted and transferred to the BFC treasury.

That’s all about mint.

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Friday topics:

🍬 How much could you pay for a candy?

😈Hell’s Kitchen in Metaverse

🤓 Web3 People - Charles Hoskinson

📈 Web3 Express News

⌨️ BFC Corner - BFC Numbers

When I’m thinking about candies that I could pay a lot for, I imagine something healthy and delicious.

There is another kind of candy - limited edition.

  1. Take a world known candy brand.
  2. Add four NFTs from one of the most expensive collections.
  3. Make a promotion clip.
  4. Release Limited Candies Collection.

M&M’s announced limited collection KINGSHIP & M&M’s. It’s a collection created in cooperation between Mars and Universal Music Group, which licensed the Ape NFT images from BAYCand MAYCcollections.

There are three types:
  • limited edition gold - 100 gift boxes, $99.99 (sold out),
  • limited edition celebratory - 3900 gift boxes, $59.99,
  • limited edition - 6000 gift boxes, $39.99.

I frankly like this promo clip.

What is special about these candies?

Custom printed candies with KINGSHIP® group members: Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud in individually numbered boxes.

Access token to the world of KINGSHIP, a supergroup consisting of three rare Bored Apes and a rare Mutant Ape.

That’s all because of the limited supply and power of the brands.

Everyone knows Gordon Ramsey. He owns multiple restaurants and probably doesn’t know how many Michelin stars his restaurants got by now.

He seems pretty accomplished with a lot of books and TV Shows up his belt.

What else can he achieve in 2022?

Go into Metaverse!!!
Last time we wrote about Paris Hilton. Her Malibu Mansion was built in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Hell’s Kitchen is next.

This is a marketing activity that promotes the TV series. The idea is to bring reality cooking show into the Metaverse. All will be hosted on ITV Studios LAND in the Sandbox.

The Hell’s Kitchen game will provide the first cooking experience in The Sandbox Metaverse. It will also offer a collection of limited assets, e.g., a limited edition of Gordon Ramsey’s avatars.

We’re still in a moment in time when any promotion in Metaverse distinguishes you from the crowd. It brings tons of attention and gives a lot of free advertising.

Do you think this kind of marketing will be more popular in the future?

Reply to this email with your answer!

There is not a single web3 personality that is not looking cool. Even if this is only one element, there must always be something unconventional in their appearance.

Imagine how cool you have to be if you have this kind of picture on your Wikipedia page.

Who is Charles Hoskinson?

  • Co-founder and former CEO of Ethereum

  • Co-founder and CEO of IOHK

You might ask why he was removed by Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum team from the CEO position. There was a dispute over whether the project should be commercial (Hoskinson's view) or nonprofit (Buterin's view). As a result, he was removed from the CEO position in 2014.



  • How to earn between $250k - $1 mln for doing developer's work? If you find a "critical bug" in the Merge upgrade of Ethereum Network between now and 8 September, you will get a bounty for your effort 😊

  • The bear market is here, yet someone bought this little Pudgy Penguin #6873 for 400 ETH (approx. 678,625 USD) a few days ago.

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