Bored Founders🎃 Halloween in the web3 world...
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...and Twitter’s saga - a short story by Beeple 🧛🏻
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November 1, 2022 | Read Online
💀 GM!

It’s November already, but we’re still in a spooky mood.

After the Metaverse week, we’re back with the BFN Halloween episode.

It’s a bit of an anniversary, as there are already 30 episodes of our newsletter. You can read them all on the Bored Founders Club site.

⚰️ The Halloween mood is definitely a proper one for the bear market.

We’re all scared. What will the future bring?

Can it be worse?

We don’t know. It certainly doesn't hurt to have some fun.

Enjoy this mail 👻


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Today topics:

🎃 Halloween in the web3 world

🧛 Twitter’s saga - a short story by Beeple

📈 Web3 Express News


Halloween is a time when a lot of specials are prepared. We’ve already shown you the Halloween Metaverse experience in the last BFN.

There were always a lot of NFT collections that are great for Halloween - check out Deadfellaz, Spookies, CryptoSkulls, Wicked Craniums, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and DeadHeads.

If I were the owner of one of these collections, I would prepare my Halloween costume based on that.

I love this one BAYC inspired one.

Of course, you can always dress up as an NFT founder after the mint.



This Halloween is an even scarier time for all Twitter employees.

The most important news from last week is that Elon completed his Twitter takeover. It’s a good movie story with twists and turns. Finally, we’re here. Twitter is sold. Elon sank into Twitter’s office. He also allowed a few directors to continue their careers outside the company.

This is the end of the “Elon is buying Twitter” saga and the beginning of the “Elon is Twitter’s king”. Like the British say, “The king is dead, long live the king!”
We don’t know how many things will be changed on Twitter. We expect a revolution. We will check what potential directions could be in the next BFN episode.Today we will go through the buying saga with the greatest NFT artist, Beeple.

It all started with Elon Musk's concern with Twitter's approach to freedom of speech on the platform. It comes after the ban on former US president Donald Trump. Musk was also not convinced about algorithms that suggest and display tweets on the feed.

Elon also said that if he was the Twitter owner, he would make all these algorithms open source. All in the name of freedom of speech!

Musk started the process of buying Twitter. He figured out the real number of the bots active on that social platform and wanted to give up on the idea of buying an SM giant. At one point, this was even posing a threat of resolving the dispute in court.

The whole thing died down, and we made it to the  finish line at the end of October 2022.

We’ll watch how the whole thing unfolds.

Will Trump be brought back on Twitter?If you listen to Beeple, one thing is sure.

The winter is coming!


  • Reddit’s Avatar NFTs generated over $2.5 Million in one day.

  • Jack Dorsey is testing a new Social Networking Site - Bluesky.

  • LooksRare removes creator royalties in favor of Share Protocol Fees.

  • Warner Bros. Discovery Sports partners with Infinite Reality to create the company’s first metaverse experience.

💀 That’s all for today!

Expect more topics about Twitter and Metaverse on Friday. In a classic BFN episode.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween-style episodes.

Let me know, please, if so.

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🔪 It’s 25 days without the bridge exploit.

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