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…The Eternal Collection
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August 23, 2022 | Read Online
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🚀 Elon joked

🎭 Sir Anthony Hopkins NFT - "The Eternal Collection"

⌨️ BFC Corner - Blockchain in Supply Chain

How did it start?
It’s not the first time Elon tweeted something that impacted a crypto value. This time the Manchester United Fan Token price went to the "sky."

"Sky" is a slight exaggeration.

Price before Elon’s tweet - $0.0000136

The highest price - $0.0031
It means that the price has increased almost 228 times.

The MUFC token is not an official Manchester United collection. It was created by fans who falsely claim that holding MUFC tokens will give you influence on the club’s decisions.

Later Elon made a second tweet, and all returned to the initial state.

Current price - $0.00005123

It’s only 3.76 times of the initial value.

Classic Elon - many would say 😉

Two months ago, Sir Anthony Hopkins changed his Twitter account name to AHopkins.eth and announced that he would also like to become an NFT artist.
Sir Anthony Hopkins and Orange Comet announced the launch of the first NFT series, The Eternal Collection.

Orange Comet is a team of web3 specialists helping creators deliver NFTs.

If you thought about what art of the future will look like, I think this NFT collection can be a great example.

There will be 1011 items in this collection, with three categories: Iconic, Legendary and Distinguished.

The actor presents ten archetypes in the collection: the Giver, the Ruler, the Explorer, the Sage, the Rebel, the Jester, the Lover, the Creator, the Hero and the Magician.
There will be 1000 Distinguished tokens.

Each token will be based on one of the archetypes. 100 tokens per archetype. All owners will access the Exclusive audio clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins discussing the different archetypes during a creative meeting with Orange Comet. 39 random owners will receive an autographed Dreamscapes Art Book. 5 Buyers will be randomly selected to join an intimate discussion with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

There will be 10 Legendary tokens.

Each token will be an animation based on one of the archetypes. It will also include an intimate discussion with Sir Anthony Hopkins, framed prints of NFT art, an autographed Dreamscapes Art Book and an exclusive audio clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

There will be only 1 Iconic token.

Token will be the animation of all 10 archetypes. It will give the owner framed prints of NFT art, an intimate lunch/brunch with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Autographed Dreamscapes Art Book and an exclusive audio clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

All graphics and info about the collection look fabulous. There is no information about the launch date or prices. We need to wait.

The great concept. Some mature art. Very good quality. IMHO - this is the art of the future. We can expect more projects of this kind soon.

If you’re not buying this - you must watch this great collection trailer.

(Bored Founders Corner)

Author: Tomasz Majewski

The Supply chain is one of the oldest industries. It has evolved from a simple process to a complex system to meet today's needs of organizations around the world.

Blockchain is a relatively new technology and is still emerging. The blockchain industry is constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of different industries. It's important to remember that blockchain is not a panacea or silver bullet; it's simply one piece of the puzzle.

Blockchain technology has been applied successfully in other industries, but when it comes to Supply Chain Management and logistics, there are still many areas where this technology can be used effectively.


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