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…and the Russian version of stablecoin
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September 9, 2022 | Read Online
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It's the 16th episode of Bored Founders News. 😎

It means that we’ve been making this awesome newsletter for two months now!

I feel like we started just yesterday. This is so great that Bored Founders Club allows us to create something as great as this newsletter. Our community was established in April this year, and despite the Bear Market, we are growing fast.

This is a great moment to share everything we created so far.

Since we started, there has been a Bear Market in crypto and in the traditional stock market. This is not a great moment to grow in web3, but it is the best to build a solid foundation.

This is exactly what we're doing in BFC.We're preparing for the next Bull Market.

It'll be here soon, right?

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Today’s topics:

👨‍🎤 Bowie on the blockchain

🪙 The Russian version of stablecoin

📈 Web3 Express News

😎 BFC Corner - NFT Collections

It's nearly a cliché to say that David Bowie was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He was brave, he was progressive, he was not afraid of trying new things, and had an impact on the music industry. Sounds like values that are familiar to the web3 world.

Now, David Bowie's agent confirmed a new NFT collection with OpenSea. The purpose is to get money for charity. All profits will go to CARE, which is fighting world hunger and poverty.

Creators of the collection are OpenSea - the main NFT marketplace - and We Love the Arts - a web3 company. The name of the collection is "Bowie on the blockchain." There will be nine artists working on NFTs: Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, Fewocious, Jake, Defaced, Osinachi, Young and Sick, Lirona, Glam Beckett, and Jonathan Wolfe. The collection will be done based on the artist's archive.

There were negative comments on Twitter after publishing info about the NFT collection. The tweet is already deleted. Users were concerned if this kind of NFT collection is something that Bowie would approve of.

Andrew Keller, co-founder of We Love The Arts, about David Bowie:

"There was a huge visual component to everything Bowie did, and he was a painter and an art collector".

David Bowie was changing the music industry. Web3 and NFT do the same, but we will never know what a dead artist would think about that. We can be sure that he would support charity purposes.

Just a week ago, cryptocurrencies were banned in Vladimir's country. Sanctions and financial crises, as a result, can change everything.

Russia's attitude towards cryptocurrency was pretty straightforward -  a complete ban.

In the last newsletter, we wrote about accepting cross-border payments in crypto by Russia. This is a step similar to Iran, which earlier did the same. Iran’s Industry, Mines and Trade Ministry has approved the use of cryptocurrency for imports into the country amid ongoing international trade sanctions.

Russia has always done everything differently.

They had a different approach to conquering space and competing in the Olympic games 😜

There is also a new idea - Russia wants to create a stablecoin settlement platform between friendly nations. This is not something new, but there is one exciting thing. New stablecoin can be pegged to gold.

Sounds familiar?

There was one popular currency that was backed by gold.

It was until 1971 when President Nixon stopped the convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold.

I know that pegging is a much more complex process than just "fixing" the value to the physical gold in a 1:1 ratio. Maybe this is something that can secure the value of a cryptocurrency - cryptocurrency back by gold. It's just my idea - you can take it and create such a token!!! Just mention me somewhere. 😉

If Russia ever wanted to back crypto with gold, probably they’ve got enough volume of it. Look at the Kremlin’s chambers. Just look at this gold-debauchery, and this is barely a random corridor. 😮

What do you think about Russian stablecoin?
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  • The sad news came to us yesterday. Buckingham Palace confirmed that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II died. Interesting fact. Queen was 'interested' in a blockchain journalshe received in the post, according to her private office. The journal was sent by the British Blockchain Association. Wow, I didn't expect that the Queen would read such things in her 90's. There is also a reaction of the crypto market. Some tokens refer to the Queen. Don’t you think it’s too early for that?

  • Ethereum The Merge update. All processes are in progress after the Bellatrix hard fork on the 6th of September. We’re impatient to announce a success. Probably next week 😉If you still don’t know what this whole "The Merge" thing is about, check this video.

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It's like a magic gift box. You never know what new benefits come next.

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