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...and Marketing in Metaverse
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August 9, 2022 | Read Online
GM! 👋 In another great week in the web3 world.

We aren’t boring, we’re Bored

…and interested in all possibilities that technology gives us.

One of BFC Founders, Szczepan Bentyn, is playing with DALL·E 2 - AI that generates images based on natural language descriptions. Check how the AI-generated picture of the Bored Founders Club looks like.

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Today topics:
  • Blackrock partners with Coinbase
  • Moonbirds are now CC0
  • Marketing in Metaverse
  • Express-News
  • BFC Corner - Blockchain basics

BlackRock is an American multinational investment management corporation. It joins powers with Coinbase. BlackRock’s Aladdin allows institutional investors access to bitcoin trading and custody services via Coinbase Prime.

It sounds serious, but what does it mean for the web3 world?

More money in the bitcoin market. Probably $BTC starts to grow. The Coinbase rate is up too.

If the most prominent investment companies in the world are open to bitcoin investments, it means that crypto is treated as an attractive investment opportunity. Companies look more kindly on Bitcoin these days and put more trust in it than earlier.

There is more trust in Bitcoin than earlier.

Kevin Rose announced that on Thursday and made a little noise. He explained that this is caused by honors and respect for the values of the internet and web3.

What does CC0 mean?

It’s Creative Commons Zero, which means that you have no copyright to your NFTs - image and name in the NFT context.
Is it good or bad for collection creators and NFT holders?

It depends. Anyone can use a CC0 to build up a collection of any brand. In other words, you do not have to own the rights to be able to trade & sell the NFTs. As a result, the collection will be better known & its value will increase.

On the other hand, if someone builds a brand based on his token’s image, it could be used by anyone. Anyone can use all the marketing efforts that the NFT owners put earlier to promote their tokens.
I think that it is not OK to change rights after a collection release.

What do you think about changing IP rights to CC0?

Netflix changed the movie experience.

Now, they are changing the marketing experience.

“The Gray Man” movie, directed by the Russo brothers with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, sounds like something worth watching. My experience and scores on IMDB prove that it’s not worth that.

What is worth mentioning?

The marketing behind that movie is in the web3 mood.

The Gray Man Metaverse Mission is the Metaverse with recreated scenes from the movie. It’s a giant maze, and the player’s mission is to get out. It is powered by Decentraland.

The Player’s avatar will collect items/outfits along the way out. You can compete and beat the best time!

You could earn NFTs during the game.

It sounds like a Fun Fact, but it’s catchy.

What could be a better idea to use Metaverse in the marketing field?

  • Meta announced that they will expand the NFT feature to 100 new countries. It allows you to connect your wallet and make a post with your own NFTs. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it yet on my Instagram (Poland is still waiting) 😥. On the Meta blog there is info that this is available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

  • Do you remember NFTiff? Limited collection of 250 items that are available only for CryptoPunk holders. It costs 30 ETH and allows you to create a CryptoPunk pendant. It sold out in 22 minutes and made $12.5m.


Considering the web3 world, we cannot forget that Blockchain Technology is its foundation. It’s important to remember that and understand basic concepts.

In BFC, we care about education in the web3 field.

That’s why on our blog, we’ve got a post about Blockchain Basics written by Maciej Kocimowski.

From it you’ll learn:

What is a blockchain?
How does blockchain work?
What are blockchain features?
Can blockchain be used only by cryptocurrencies?

Must have for crypto world newbies.
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