Bored Founders😎 BFC Founders NFT mint
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...and CryptoPunk jewelry collection 💎
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August 2, 2022 | Read Online
GM! 👋 Bored Founders here.

And August is also here. Time flies, isn't it?

Are you after or before holidays?

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All right. Let's go! 🚀

Before we start we have to awesome announcements:

  1. 📈 Bored Founders News has more than 1k subscribers now!

    Now we're going for 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k... you know where I'm going with this?  🤓

  2. ⛏️ Today we’ll mint the first NFT in the Bored Founders Club.

    We’re minting BFC Founders NFT (only 500 NFTs). All WL seats are taken. Sorry. But.. check OpenSea for some good deals. Check the Founders NFT utility below.

And of course, as always, we prepared some fresh news for you.

Bon Appétit! 🍖


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In today's Bored Founders News:

  • BFC Founders NFT mint
  • Express-News
  • CryptoPunk jewelry collection

Today is a big day for the Bored Founders Club.

We're launching our first NFT collection.

Bored Founders Club (BFC) is a global community of web3 enthusiasts. Developers, founders, creators, investors and more.

Together we're building the most influential web3 community in the world.

BFC Founders NFT is the most valuable piece in the BFC ecosystem(only 500 NFTs).

It unlocks ALL of the benefits. Utility. Private access. Airdrops. And much more.

Holding this NFT makes you the founding member of the Bored Founders Club.

BFC Founders NFT benefits:

  • Access to private channels on our Discord (founding-members only)
  • Access to our meetups, masterminds and events (online and IRL)
  • Access to BFC inner web3 projects and future investments
  • Access to BFC web3 academy (courses, meetups with experts, case studies)
  • Monthly airdrops of $BFC token (after the launch of the token)
  • Access to private sale of $BFC token at lowest price.
  • WL to private mint of BFC VIP NFT collection (phase 2)
  • Free mint of the BFC PFP collection (phase 3)
  • Impact on the future of the Bored Founders Club

..and a lot of awesome surprises down the road.

It's like a magic gift box. You never know what new benefits will come next.

The BFC Founders NFT collection is limited to 500 items.

The mint starts today, but all seats are already taken.

The only way to get one of the Founders NFT is from the second market.

But I smell some gooood deals possible in the coming days.   

Join our Discord to get the link to the official OpenSea collection.

Remember: If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the OpenSea collection: don't buy and double-check. You can even reply to this email to ask.

  • Binance announced the S.S. Lazio NFT ticketing collection for the upcoming Serie A football season. It will give holders access to exclusive seats, Lazio merchandise, discounts, and more.

  • The tenth mainnet shadow fork was successfully completed on July 27th. It means The Merge on Ethereum is closer.

  • KuCoin launched NFT ETFs. It’s essential because it allows investing in blue chip NFTs for the average joe. by.

  • Hong Kong University is building the world's first Metaverse campus called MetaHKUST. The plan is to help students learn in a way that reflects their future workplaces. The university will combine technologies with traditional teaching methods. They will develop a more immersive learning experience.

  • Honduras town Santa Lucia will be a 'Bitcoin Valley.' In this tourist town, 60 local businesses get trained and adopt crypto.

  • Soon you will be able to see more marriages and court cases in the Metaverse.

  • Miami is launching 5,000 NFTs this year! The city is partnering with Mastercard, TIME, and Salesforce to launch the 5k NFT collection, which will be deployed on Ethereum later this year. Mastercard will facilitate special perks for the holders around the city's restaurants and shops. At the same time, TIME and Salesforce will help with minting and deployment. Read more here.

Are you a holder of CryptoPunk NFT?

Do you have 30 ETH available?

Have you been looking for a piece of new jewelry?

NFTiff is fit for you 💎.

Tiffany & Co. announced the first NFT collection. It will be available only for CryptoPunk owners. NFTiff allows claiming diamond and gemstone encrusted CryptoPunk pendant. The collection is limited to 250 tokens.

The pendant will be made in 18k rose or yellow gold. There will be at least 30 stones, including gemstones and diamonds. Tiffany will convert eighty-seven attributes and 159 colors on the Punks to the most similar gem or enamel color.

The sale will start on August 5th and it’lll cost 30 ETH. It is almost $50k. If you mint NFTiff, you could choose which NFT from your collection should be used as a template for the pendant.

This announcement is generally well received, but for some people in the crypto community it’s just a money grab.

CryptoPunks holders are quite wealthy. They’ll buy. For sure.

But for us transforming NFTs into physical products is such a cool idea.

For sure, it’ll benefit both parties. The CryptoPunks are going to become even more elite, and Tiffany & Co. proves that every company can enter web3.

But it should be also beneficial for web3 space in general. In our opinion, it’s a great way to take web3 mainstream.

And gosh.. I’d love to have one of those pendants.

😎 Today is an excellent day for all Bored Founders!

We are all excited about the first mint.

We're trying to build the future.

Join us if you want.


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