Bored Founders🇵🇱 Best Polish web3 projects…
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…and never use a token you created as collateral! 🔻
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November 11, 2022 | Read Online
😎 GM - Dzień dobry!

Today we brought you one more special edition mail. This time it’s about Poland. BFC started in Poland - we’re going global.

Because today is National Independence Dayin the greatest Middle-European country - we want to show you some web3 projects that are created by Poles.

Another important topic - what is the situation in the crypto market after FTX's bankruptcy?

I’m happy that our newsletter is not a daily one.

Fresh news on that topic is outdated after just a few hours. We want to briefly explain to you the current situation with that big drop on FTT token.



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Today topics:

🇵🇱 Best Polish web3 projects

🔻 Never use a token you created as collateral!


For all of you that don’t like geography - Poland is a country in Central Europe, between Baltic Sea, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, and a few other countries. 😉
It’s a 40M people country in the EU, listed in the 23rd place by GDP. Looking at this, we would expect Poland to be quite advanced when it comes to crypto adoptions. It’s estimated that only 2.5% of Poland’s population own cryptocurrency. It’s over 900k. Based on such a small amount, it’s surprising how many web3 projects are created here. We prepared for you a list of the most interesting ones.


HashUp is a computer game licensing protocol through which you can hold games in crypto wallets & swap them on DEX. The CEO at HashUp is Szymon Jankowski. He describes HashUp as a Steam on a Blockchain.


Crowdpub is a decentralized way of writing books by dozens of authors and reading them as a live experience in which you can participate, with a financial incentive. It was founded by one of BFC members Konrad Kokosa.

Game Lounge

Create your own Game Lounge, personalize it, impress your friends and relax in the metaverse in style! CMO and CTO of this project are also BFC members, Igor and Michał. You might know them as the Metaverse experts in our newsletter.


Another project created by one of the BFC members Bartek Bilicki. The project is focused on tokenizing fine art with art and finance institutions using NFT and physical, frameless displays. Last month a cooperation between Pekao (one of the polish banks) and SmartVerum was announced. They will create the collection of NFT, which will be a tokenized art. Every part of an art will be provided as NFT and will be placed on a credit card. Sounds like something new in the web3 world.


It’s a web3 version of Patreon, where the community can support a creator using tokens.


It’s blockchain based food market exchange. Thanks to DeFood, farmers benefit with safety and higher assurance of sales and buyers receive reliable quality and availability of product. Food Passport supports transparency of supply chains and provides production stage information.


You can think of Cookie3 as Google Analytics for Web3. Cookie3 is the data engine aggregating, processing, and interpreting all existing NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on a variety of chains for one common purpose – understanding the behavior of individuals.

Fancy Bears

Fancy Bears Metaverse is a Dynamic NFT collection of 8888 programmatically generated avatars on the Ethereum blockchain.

Miroverse - Cool Guys Capital, Firestarters, HeyEdu, eduworlds

Group of projects founded by Mirosław Burneiko aka Miroburn, polish entrepreneur active in IT, education, investment and web3 field.

Cool Guys Capital- community of investors.

Firestarters - community of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs wannabees.

HeyEdu - education advisor with gamification powered by web3 solutions.

eduworlds - online courses with NFT access.

NFT Polska

Polish community of NFT and web3 enthusiasts.

The Polacy

Collection from the brave and glorious nation of Poland - the 2,137 Polacy NFT are charging the Ethereum blockchain like the elite Polish winged hussars to sow #miłość, build glory and achieve a spectacular victory!

It’s a collection in the vein of CryptoPunks and mixed with Polish meme culture.

Meta Driverse Club

Elite club of 10k members, who share passion for supercars. Membership gives access to exclusive garage with supercars to use by holders, special events and much more.

Gastro Gang

Community for gastronomy industry.

Bored Founders Club

Global community of web3 enthusiasts.

Developers, founders, creators, investors and more.

Together we're building the most influential web3 community in the world.

A lot of our members are creating web3 projects.

Join us!


Binance will not acquire FTX. The crypto market is all red. Probably a lot of money is lost. How did we end in this situation?

On the 2nd November, CoinDesk published financial documents about the business empire of Sam Bankman-Fried,aka SBF. It's about the assets of FTX exchange and market maker Alameda Research. Alameda Research was found based on FTT - token emitted by FTX. The summary was that FTX hadn't possessed assets to collateral users' value. It looks bad, but things got worse.

On 6th November Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, announced that he will sell FTT. Binance was an early investor in FTX and owned a large amount of FTT.

FTT dropped -75% on Tuesday 8th of November, and 90% overall. In two days clients withdrew approximately $672M from FTX exchange.

SBF asked Binance for help. Binance was supposed to take over FTX after information on Tuesday.

However, everything changed on Wednesday. Binance announced that the transaction will not take place.

Without help the FTX exchange will collapse. Users will probably lose a lot of money. It’s estimated to be over 10 billion dollars.

In Twitter’s thread, SBF apologized for all of that. Probably it’s not enough for FTX clients and all FTT holders.

One more time we need to remind you about important rules:

  1. Never use a token you created as collateral!
  2. If your tokens are on an exchange, they are not your fuckin’ tokens!

😎 No more news today

It is 35 days without bridge exploit.

I hope you like the polish style in that mail!

Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday - Do zobaczenia!

Daniel "tuszcz12" Anuszczyk


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